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Do you go to the bathroom constantly or experience burning with urination? You may be dealing with a urinary tract infection (UTI). At Pasadena Urological Medical Group in Pasadena, California, the skilled urologists diagnose and treat UTIs to reduce complications and bothersome symptoms. Call the office to learn more or schedule an appointment online today.

Urinary Tract Infection Q&A

What is a urinary tract infection?

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in your urinary system that includes your urethra, bladder, and kidneys. Often annoying, urinary tract infections can become serious if they spread to your kidneys. Simple treatments at Pasadena Urological Medical Group help ease unpleasant symptoms. 

What are the symptoms of a urinary tract infection?

The most common symptoms of UTIs include:

  • Strong urges to urinate
  • Frequent urination 
  • Burning with urination
  • Strong-smelling urine
  • Cloudy urine
  • Blood in your urine
  • Pelvic pain in women

When left untreated, some UTIs cause severe infections, urethra narrowing in men, pregnancy problems in women, kidney damage, and recurrent UTIs.

Why might I have a urinary tract infection?

The most common risk factors for UTIs include:

  • Sexual activity
  • Being female
  • Urinary tract abnormalities
  • Menopause
  • Some types of birth control
  • Urinary tract blockages
  • Using a catheter
  • Diabetes
  • Weakened immune system
  • Urinary exams or surgeries
  • Using unlubricated or spermicide-treated condoms
  • Diaphragms 

To reduce the chance of getting UTIs, drink plenty of water, empty your bladder after sexual intercourse, wipe from front to back after using the bathroom, and avoid irritating feminine products. If your provider recommends it, make changes in your birth control methods.

How are urinary tract infections diagnosed?

Your Pasadena Urological Medical Group provider diagnoses urinary tract infections after discussing your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle habits with you. 

They complete a physical exam, check your vital signs, and order urine testing or imaging procedures of your urinary tract. Cystoscopy uses a long tube with a camera to view your bladder and urethra.

How does my provider treat a urinary tract infection?

Your Pasadena Urological Medical Group provider tailors a UTI treatment based on the severity of your infection. The most common UTI treatments include:

  • Drinking more water
  • Avoiding caffeine
  • Using a heating pad
  • Taking oral medications
  • Receiving intravenous antibiotics

The team’s goal is to detect and treat UTIs in their early phase and use prevention strategies to limit their recurrence.

To get screened or treated for a urinary tract infection, call the Pasadena Urological Medical Group office or schedule a visit online today.